02/13 2012

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Head on over to the new Sen3TV page and check out the new podcast.
Stay tunes for more coming soon!!

10/10 2011

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Hey Guys!
We just started a Kickstarter for our short film “Allegheny Creek”. Head on over and check it out.
Any amount, no matter how little will be very helpful. Any support at all will be gratefully appreciated.
Also, we will be launching a teaser site for it soon so you can keep up with our progress. So be sure to check back often for updates.
We would like to thank everyone for their support!

09/28 2011

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Just wanted to keep you guys updated, both Paul and I are working like animals to get this production started. Working on a couple potential locations, and arranging auditions. I am very excited about this film and had a very inspirational film in mind when I wrote it. I know we both embrace the opportunity to learn something new on every shoot, and this one will be no different. Once again, thanks for all your support and stay posted!

09/22 2011

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Hey Guys
We are shooting in November and we have one lead part left to cast.
Here is the info:

Brief Synopsis:
After being away for 9 years a man confronts his past with the hope of reconciliation.

Character Breakdown:
Evan is a desperate man who is trying to redeem himself and right the wrongs of his past.
*Must be able to use a convincing (Appalachian or as close as possible) mountain accent, even if subtle.*

1 Day shoot.

We are looking to shoot mid to late November.

Looking forward to it!


Sen3Productions is seeking an actress for an upcoming short film. We are looking to film in the winter. The shoot will last 1 day (day and evening). We would of course like to try to schedule a rehearsal as well.

The Choice (as it’s tentatively titled) is a character driven story about a young man who is confronted with his own mortality. He must look to those who are closest to him as he struggles through his new path.

We are casting for one last female part.

Female 25-35 (Any Ethnicity)
Dana is a high strung individual who is trying desperately to avoid the emotional reality of the horrific situation her friend is going through.
While there is plenty of dialogue we are looking for someone with a good amount of range as an actress.

There is no pay but you you will be credited, fed, and will receive a copy. If any travel expenses are incurred, we will do our best to try to compensate you for it as well.
Just bare in mind we are broke indie filmmakers :)

Paul and Sashia

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